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The FBI enlisted us for capable 3D, web development, and narrative direction

We helped design and develop a web-based interactive game that doubles as an online safety learning experience for children.

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Over 1.3 million children took the SOS examination in the 19-20 academic year


The FBI-SOS website has over 12 million total page views and is used nationwide

The FBI needed to replace their aging Flash-based educational tool, Safe Searching Online. Considering our ongoing 10-year relationship, the bureau didn’t have to look far for the ideal production partner.

Character Development

The FBI relied on us to concept, build, and make real multiple characters and environments that would guide kids through the learning experience.

This guy was our favorite.


After working through the environments, characters, and storyboards, we wrangled together every component in a web-based environment with top-notch UI and UX. Not to mention the game had to be optimized for every device, ADA compliant, and backwards compatible with older browsers (even the ones we dare not mention here).

We created our rich, task-based games to guide kids through the island themed adventures that introduce real dangers that lurk on the internet. The FBI’s tool creates awareness, teaches simple safety measures, and ultimately outfits children with crucial discernment online.

optimized for mobile & tablet

To ensure parents can walk through the experience at home with their kids.

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