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04 / 05

Listerhill Credit Union

We dish out a new take on a complete website redesign for a respected credit union.

Rearchitecting an established financial institution website is challenging on its own. For Listerhill, we had to weigh their functional, marketing, and sales goals against the experience and security needs of an ever-changing customer landscape. Thread, meet needle.

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Two completed projects, two diamond awards


Increase in traffic over the previous website design

Mindful Appeal

Listerhill Credit Union has a reputation for serving the local community in Florence, Alabama in ways that exceed expectations. All the time.

Our challenge was to design and engineer an experience that preserved their reputation with the local members. At the same time, we needed to appeal to a broader, younger, and more diverse audience in the community.

Not only do the results speak for themselves, we’re thankful to have partnered with one of the most remarkable marketing teams ever.

Custom Iconography:

Introducing Lifepath

A collaboration between Listerhill & L2D

After redesigning and launching the primary website for Listerhill, along with a robust Content Management System built on Craft CMS, L2D was asked to develop an interactive tool called Lifepath.

Lifepath guides incoming college students through the tough decisions they’ll face as they wade through college into the real world. Sounds a little too boring? You tell us.

3D Renders:

An Empathetic Approach

For an experience geared towards incoming students, it was necessary that the website didn’t just respond to but was engineered specifically for mobile.

Every screen, every game and every animation is optimized for a great experience where incoming students are mostly likely to engage: on their phones.

But Why?

Because engaging our client’s unreached audience was topmost priority. And a game that asks daunting questions, takes at least 10 minutes to complete, and teaches fiscal responsibility has to be fun.

We made each interaction delightful and animated, helped encourage fun questions, added a few games, created trendy 3D, and gave students actually helpful resources.

That and some mood-boosting confetti for completing the experience.

Not Just a Credit Union

Listerhill wanted help connecting with students at the University of North Alabama in a way that went beyond Savings Accounts, Credit Cards, and Financial Advice. They wanted to help students make informed decisions about their future which could affect them financially for a long, long time.

We just wish Lifepath was around when we were in undergrad.

Multiple Diamond Awards

Over the course of a long and close working relationship, our teams were able to construct a new corporate website that met all of LCU’s internal goals. In addition, LCU garnered the attention of fellow credit unions nationally, earning the redesigned website a coveted “Category’s Best” CUNA Diamond Award. The cherry on top? Lifepath also received a Diamond Award.

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