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03 / 05


Original interactive solutions for revolutionary tech

With global competitors threatening the LED landscape, the lighting division of Panasonic Lighting Americas needed to stake its claim in the burgeoning landscape. Universal relied on us to take their decades of commercial lighting manufacturing experience and engineer creative solutions for a new website. No big deal.

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Increased inquiries from the website in less than 3 months


In new sales directly from the website in the first 3 months

More than Lighting

As part of the IoT, connected lighting hardware has staggering capabilities through Bluetooth. The traditional function of lighting—to stimulate sight—is small potatoes compared to the data, real-time analysis, and energy savings offered by Universal’s solutions and products. Universal needed a digital experience to match their offerings

Custom Iconography:

Capturing Universal's Audience

The project's success hinged on the ability to show customers exactly how Universal’s technology integrates into spaces like theirs, from offices to warehouses to hospitals.

That ability—creating interactive 3D to engage audiences—is right in our wheelhouse.

Being Connected Well Takes More than Connected Tech

Universal uses LED lighting to connect businesses to their customers and each other.

Though connected lighting isn’t unique to Universal, their quality products and end-to-end service separates them from the pack.

Communicating Universal’s edge to their audience was our holy grail. With a 300% spike in traffic after the first 3 months from launch and unprecedented revenue in new sales, we think we found the grail.

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