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City in the Cloud

We fully realize the possibilities of cloud-based computing power enabled in our made-from-scratch version of a sprawling cityscape.

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On the Microsoft Azure home page to showcase a city connected by Microsoft cloud technology.


Worthy Of Digital & Print

The Atlantic also featured our 3D art on the February/March edition of the print magazine.

City Planning

Microsoft’s connected city enables various municipalities, businesses and government agencies to coordinate, share resources, and make real-time decisions.

To visualize these innovations, we had to plan a city infrastructure from the ground up.

Custom Iconography:

Virtual UI, Real Interplay

We designed context-sensitive UI for readers to interact with the virtual vignettes and The Atlantic’s article content. Our virtual UI mimics the real connections made in a connected city:

Hospitals sharing information quickly to save lives, law enforcement alerts and footage available to improve response time, school administrators communicating with parents in real time, and utility companies being able to divert resources as necessary.

Complexity Simplified

Telling a cohesive story throughout the article and inside the city was key to connecting numerous complex pieces together.

Building infrastructure of this scale, with all the minute detail, was a major accomplishment for the L2D team. From 3D, UI/UX, and development, our team did it all.

Our Favorite Part?

Probably these cars.

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