L2D Stories

A few stories behind our projects, our process and our people.

Industry observations, Stories and Deep Dives

L2D Summer School
We provided the space, advice from our senior level team members, and the occasional ice-cream bar to help them along.
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Successfully Launching An Interactive Exhibit Experience
Trying something different can be scary. Do it anyway.
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Solving the Content Crisis
In an ideal world, we would all have articulate copy written, marvelous candid photography of businessmen shaking hands and captivating videos with catchy startup jingles
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Creating A Real-Time, Connected 3D Visualization With the Microsoft Kinect.
We fooled around with a Microsoft Kinect, gently encouraged it to give us optimized depth data, used a Pine64 to serve the data via WebSocket, and are rendering that data as a live three.js visualization on our website and in our office.
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Building A Corporate Site With A Feature Site Feel
Redesign a website for one of the fastest growing credit unions in the southeast.
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