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Rooted in a deep desire to push the interactive envelope, L2D excels at engaging real people through digital experiences.





Engagement over entertainment

L2D delivers the strategy, design and development behind complex web, physical, and XR interactive projects for clients on a global scale. We partner with agencies and brands alike to push the interactive envelope and engage participants over viewers. We are proudly located in the Gig City: Chattanooga, TN.

Areas of Focus

Campaign Websites
Strategy & Research
Digital Products
Interactive Exhibits
Agency Partnership

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L2D Interactive website strategy

Core tenets of L2D

01 / 06

To leave everything we encounter better than when we found it. We enrich individuals, enhance digital experiences, and revere the places we inhabit.

02 / 06

To promote a culture that treats all colleagues, clients, and collaborators with equal dignity. We practice placing all contributors before ourselves.

03 / 06

To cultivate a culture of personal and professional growth. We encourage innovation, sponsor collaborative effort, and recognize individual contributions.

04 / 06

To embrace life with purpose. We pursue projects that promote active lifestyles, human-to-human connection, and mindfully engaging digital experiences.

05 / 06

To listen with intent to understand. We respect that each client knows their needs and their customers better than any outside analyst.

06 / 06

To treat each team member like family. We esteem our team by placing them and their needs over the relentless optimization of output.

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Key Clients:

Blake Parsons
Director, Interactive Production
The Buntin Group

Our partnership with L2D has expanded our agency’s horizons in concept and execution of interactive projects.

We love tossing them wild needs and the collaboration that follows, as they work to produce experiences that go far beyond our client’s expectations.

Plus its a genuinely great group of people to work with, which makes creating cool stuff even cooler.

The L2D Crew

Tyler Johnson

Director of Development

Patrick Burton

3D Designer

C. Eliott Johnston

Director of Strategy & Research

Anne Plating

Project Manager

Matt Thomas

Web Developer

Nate Johnson

Art Director

Daniel De Guzman

Lead Developer

Mario Perez

Lead Front-End Developer

Emily Highsmith

Interactive Designer

Ron Ott
Ron Ott

Creative Director

Dustin Smoote
Dustin Smoote

Interactive Developer

The spirit of L2D is multitudinous. We are a community of renegades, we’re jovially critical, and dogged jesters. We’re experts in rabbit trails, 80s movies, and Georgia Avenue—just ask us about the alligators of Fireman’s Fountain. Anyway, we're pretty nice.

Your AWARDS...

Our Reward

L2D has won industry accolades in Awwwards, the FWAs, and CSS Design Awards among others. While it’s nice to receive recognition in our own industry, it’s just a byproduct of striving to make ripples in our clients’ industries.

Our work has earned Addy’s for an ad firm, multiple Diamond awards for credit unions, a mobile excellence award for an outdoor apparel company, and a NAED best-of-the-best website award in the electrical industry. 

By our estimation, if we’re not winning awards for our clients, we’re not offering a valuable service. We measure our impact by what matters most to our clients, not design industry trends.

Super Secret Process

This is the part where we talk about how our discovery, our design exploration, and our UX strategy are insanely, mind-blowingly unique.

They're not.
What’s different is our team. We’re a bunch of talented individuals who are tenacious, passionate and real good at what we do. This is our super not-so-secret process.



We embark on an exhaustive discovery journey with the client to align project goals by seeking feedback at every level. Our findings then inform target demographics, key competitors, and a  project roadmap.



We analyze Discovery findings to craft a style that best suits the client’s stated goals. From there, we design a User Experience and User Interface for an optimal customer journey.



Development begins after we establish the UX and sitemap. We create gray box structures to secure all functionality before applying final design, interactions, and animations.



After the prototyping phase, we connect the CMS to the website and initiate QA by testing in all browsers, analytics events, CRM connections and ADA compliance. Then, we launch.

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