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15 years of l2d awesomeness 15 years of l2d awesomeness

It's hard to believe, but yeah, we've been building amazing interactive experiences for 15 years now. The same year the Tesla Roadster was introduced and the first iPhone was sold. 

Our focus has always been building things that connect individuals instead of dividing them, and that starts with having a connected team. We have been able to do this because of all of the amazing people who have worked at L2D over the years. A team that has embodied a quiet confidence, impressive intellect and unmatched capabilities. Below we recognize some of the individuals who have been a part of our team over the years and reminisce a little along the way.

Pushing the boundaries of the web to re-enforce connection between humans is paramount. You can't preach something without practicing it (or at least you're not supposed to). In that vein below are a few of the things we have experienced as a team in an effort to stay connected, relish the fruits of our labor and, of course, eat some great food.

no two years the same


Top Con breakout session at L2D


We've enjoyed paintball, moving days, painting houses, and lots of eating together.

The most fulfilling part of of L2D throughout the years is getting to spend time with the team outside of work. We've had skate parties, alumni gatherings, watched movies and hiked together. Really any excuse to hang out will do though.


Did we mention eating together? Yeah, we're good at that.

Breaking bread together has always been a vital part of community at L2D. We not only have some world class designers and developers, but we have some world class amateur chefs.


Seriously. We don't take ourselves too... seriously.

We spend a tremendous amount of time laughing and finding ways to lighten each other's moods. We work extremely hard, but it's vital to smile and realize that at the end of the day we are here to enjoy each other and what God has made.

2022 Alumni Party

an all-star team since 2007


We asked some old, willing faces one critical question: Who let the dogs out? (It wasn’t the Baja Men, apparently)

Adam Tetzlaff

Adam is an amazing designer and was a pivotal part of L2D for a long time. He also had an uncanny knack for throwing in hilariously well-timed comments to make everyone die laughing.

Ben Peinhardt

Forced to sit directly between the dev and design teams, Ben was the Switzerland of L2D for his tenure. He has the distinct ability to take work very seriously but maintain a great sense of humor.

Caleb Spykstra

Caleb joined the L2D 3D team in 2016 and like some sort of freakshow, immediately started producing really quality 3D and motion work. He’s also a great climber. Those 2 aren’t related, well, maybe they are…

Chase Long

Chase, oversaw office D&D games in addition to being a fantastic 3D artist. This prepared him well to be a lead 3D artist on the latest version of Doom: Eternal. No Lie. He and his wife currently reside in London, England.

Chris Guess

Chris is both one of the most creative minds this side of the Mississippi and the one who introduced the world to Bobby McBobberts. He is putting his skills to work for Immerse a hot new VR based language learning platform.

Jared Lewis

Jared was the first official hire at L2D in 2005 (yes that is technically before we were an LLC). We’d like to say we are responsible for his incredible success, but alas, we can’t take credit for that. He’s just a baller at what he does.

Josh York

Among Josh's skills are: incredible engineer, great dad, climbing phenom, cultural anthropologist and cinnabon sandal wearer. He once wore them to a company Christmas party.

Katie Husselbee

Katie was most definitely a ghost player trolling the L2D Pokemon Go battles with the Unum team. Other than that, she was amazing at her job as a Project Coordinator and an incredibly positive force in the office!

Muata Hunt

Moe not only helped lead sales at L2D but he also helped some of us more “seasoned” members understand current culture and style from a nuanced perspective. He also smiled constantly. Which, in-turn, makes everyone else smile.

Paul Freeman

Paul is one of the brightest and most genuine personalities that we know. He's also a master at Jiu Jitsu and an expert climber. Although, he did once roast our whole team at a Christmas Party. This picture is payback, Paul.

Philip Brown

Philip was one of the initial Partners at L2D and a Full-Stack Developer (in every sense of the title). If you ever do Andy Griffith show trivia he is your man. He loves robotics, God and his family (not in that order).

Shawn Naquin

We aren't sure what was better, Shawn's innate ability to strategize process or his impressive mustache. Both are on point and he is putting them to work in New Orleans for the Moran Group.

our sincerest wishes

Thanks for 15!

And cheers to many, many more.